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TeamO Marine | Offshore 170N Backtow™ Inflatable PFD | Black with Orange Trim |

TeamO Marine | Offshore 170N Backtow™ Inflatable PFD | Black with Orange Trim |

SKU: 5706214965402

TeamO Marine PFDs with BackTow technology. The perfect gift for the Boater or Sailor in your life. TeamO PFDs are brought to you from the UK, made with safety in mind and exceptional care. You can purchase them on-line or you can try them on at a marine store near you.


  • Inflatable PFD harness, suitable for inshore and offshore sailing
  • 170N or 38 LBS of buoyancy when inflated
  • Integrated Deck Safety Harness
  • Whistle Included
  • SOLAS approved water-activated light. (5-year warranty. 8-hour continuous operation once activated)
  • Soft Loop attachment point to clip on to
  • Double adjusters on the back for improved comfort and fit
  • Fully integrated Sprayhood included

All models are on Back Order. Further details will be available mid to late May with deliveries in June

BackTow™ Fitted:

The only inflatable PFD harness on the market with BackTow™ Technology. TeamO's patented BackTow™ technology functions in a MOB (man-overboard) situation when the wearer is still tethered to a vessel. 

After inflation, the wearer manually pulls the large BackTow™ handle that is available on top of the right-hand lung. The wearer is then turned into a face-up seated position in the water and they are towed alongside the vessel safely.

BackTow reduces the risk of injury during recovery by functioning as a strong point. A halyard can be clipped to any part of the BackTow strap and even a small person can then recover a MOB wearing a TeamO with the use of a winch.



TeamO Ocean and Offshore lifejackets come with the ProSensor Elite Firing Head fitted as standard and are our preferred inflation system for these models because they perform consistently well and rearming kits are widely available at chandleries around the world. If you have cruised from Europe to the Caribbean and need to rearm your lifejacket when you get there you can bet you'll find a ProSensor Elite rearming kit stocked in a chandlery in one of the marinas or ports there!

Automatic Firing Head:

The UML ProSensor Elite firing head works using a water activated system. A compressed paper capsule is contained within the firing head. When water washes in to the bottom of the grey unit the paper pellet becomes wet, dissolves and releases a spring which fires the CO2 cylinder and inflates your lifejacket.

The firing head is designed so that water must travel upwards inside the unit to dissolve the paper pellet. It is then also protected by the lifejacket cover. This means that spray and rain will not cause accidental inflation.


Suitable for adult chest sizes 68cm-144cm


Certifications and Approvals:

TeamO inflatable PFD are approved by the following international standards:

  • ISO12402-3 approved 

Please note: TeamO Inflatable PFDs are a UK-made, world-class product that has the highly regarded world standard of ISO12402-3. TeamO Inflatable PFDs do not have Transport Canada or US Coast Guard approval.

Transport Canada states, "You are required by law to have a lifejacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device) onboard for each person on a watercraft." The Lifejackets or PFDs must be Transport Canada approved to be counted.

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